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Class of 83: Prithvik Pratap uplifts the character with his astounding expressions

Class of 83: Prithvik Pratap uplifts the character with his astounding expressions

Action speaks louder than words. And, this was quiet naturally proved by Janardan Surve’s character Pritvik Pratap, who plays one of the main leads in the Red Chillies Entertainment and Gaurav Verma produced Netflix’s original film Class of ’83.

Each character has their own importance and adds up a flavour to the whole plot of the movie. However, Prithvik at some prominent scenes effortlessly speaks out aloud through his action and reaction despite limited dialogues across the film.

Scenes such as when Surve turns into beggar to follow and hunt the key aide of the main antagonist was unpredictable. The graph of Surve being a cadet to police sub-inspector is quite progressive. Unlike other cadets, he enjoys the media’s presence, despite scuffle within fellow mates continue his meal.

The 1-hour and the 38-minute film is a treat to eyes. The director Atul Sabharwal does justice to the plot with tight scripting and beautifully screenplay. The cherry on the cake part was played by the background score.

An actor is evaluated more on the basis of his expressions than dialogue. His/her screen presence and the way react to the particular scene are what highlight the actor’s potential. Prithvik in every scene has made a point that his reaction doesn’t fall flat and enhances the specific scene.

Surve’s character is quite unusual and different from others. He is a part of the five-member team but also enjoys his own presence across the movie. He speaks for himself but of course supports his teammate, if in consequences.

Though the dialogues assigned to Surve are short but they are crisp and have metaphorical value. After playing a beggar’s role to hunt key aide of an underworld don in the movie, Surve refuses to shake hand with a fellow mate, he says: ‘haath gande hai, mere’ (My hands are dirty).

Dialogues add the value of your character in the movie but expressions through acting show an actor’s potential. And, this is what Prithvik has done pre-dominantly across the film and has added a feather to its cap as an excellent performer.


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