1. CHARGING RATE- The wireless earphones need charging after certain hours of use. They are not going to be like wired earphones that will work without any charging but by connecting them in the phone. The wireless earphone has a battery inside them which will work to provide the sound to the earphones. So for a longer duration of enjoying the music and relishing the moment. The music at a high frequency or even mid-frequency will make you have long hours of earphones in ears.

The battery will decide the running power of earphones. So, while buying the Bluetooth earphones you need to have a complete check on the battery life of the earphones. Also, you need to consider the period of its charging. That means the time taken by the battery to get charged completely. If any earphone doesn’t have a longer battery life, then you will get exhausted from charging it so frequently and this will extract your enjoyment. At the same time, if it takes too long to charge, you will end up waiting forever to have the fun of listening. You need to keep your eyes on this most important feature to have a longer duration of entertainment.

2. QUALITY OF SOUND- This factor is the most important factor to decide the best earphone at this range. The quality with which the sound is coming matters a lot when you have to keep the earphones for so long in your ears. The rich quality of sound doesn’t irritate your eardrums when listening to music.
The proper bass matters a lot for some listeners, as they are accustomed to having a piece of rocking music, pop classics to their ears. For them, deep bass and thunderous sound is a mark of relief, that means they have an urge to buy an earphone with proper bass and rich sound.

When you are listening to music, and want a high volume for cancelling out the surrounding noise but in turn, you end up ruining the quality of music. The distortion of the sound quality makes the experience get spoiled. This factor becomes important when you want to see whether any sound is coming or going when you change the frequency level of the sound.
To have a smooth quality of music, sound distortion level should be less and no sound should escape from the earpiece. You need to be aware that no sound should be escaping from the earpiece to let the surrounding get disrupted.

3. MATERIAL FROM WHICH IT IS MADE- To check your comfort level while wearing it, an earphone must be made of a comfortable material. You are going to wear it around your neck, that means it should not hurt your neck after wearing it for longer hours. Materials made of silicon or another polymer makes the earphone’s neckband soft but sturdy. In some earphones, you will also find proper padding of rubber to avoid any kind of discomfort or irritation around your neck.

The material of the earphones should not get damaged easily. There are also some products in the market with the poor quality of plastic neckline which are flimsy but cost very little.

The driver is also going to be installed in the earphone, so it should be capable of providing good sound quality. The metal alloy from which it is made also matters a lot along with its length. The driver should be capable of providing a decent sound to the user. This is going to be the sole of wireless earphones.

The magnetic construction of the earphone does matter a lot when it comes to the energy-saving and rich quality of sound. Some earpieces have magnets to allow them for locking which ultimately leads to the earphone getting off automatically. The style and aesthetic look of the earphone will also matter as they can attract the attention from its elegance. A good to see product will also be good to buy is for some consumers. You can show off your earphone whenever using it.

4. NOISE CANCELLATION- A lot of people want to have an experience of getting lost in the new world, after plugging it in the ears. So for that purpose, the noise cancellation effect gets the topmost priority for some users. But you need to be aware that they can cancel out some sound by only putting it as they are just earphones, that too under this price range.

Most earphones nowadays provide some noise-cancelling effect after starting the music. You can surely get out of your surroundings while listening to music. You need to consider this factor while buying the earphones, to not let anyone disrupt your chill-session or workout session.

5. TREMBLE- This is important as you need to check that your earphone is going to handle the tremble at all levels. To make the music even more vibrant at any frequency level, you need to check upon the tremble to enjoy the variety of songs from high bass level to the lower ones.

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Here, we discussed some of the factors, which happens to be important for some buyers according to the taste of the music. It allows us to have a clear picture of the priorities that we want out of our earphones and what we want to have as our taste in music.


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