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Breaking the myths around online gambling

Breaking the myths around online gambling

When we hear of online gambling, the first thought that comes to our mind is “illegal”. However, this is not the case at all. There are many other rumours and myths around online gambling in India which makes it difficult for one to enjoy the game without worrying. Below are some of the most common gambling myths debunked to ensure that online gambling is all but fun.

Online Gambling is all about luck

Well, that can be the case at times but not always. Skill-based gambling consists of games like poker, blackjack or sports betting that require patience and knowledge. If one has the apt knowledge about the game, luck will most certainly be by your side, as your skills can influence whether you win or lose. Online gambling involves smart decision making and understanding that every casino game offers a statistical advantage to the casino. Platforms like CasinoX8 (www.casinox8.com) offer live dealer casino games and also offer great insider tips to ensure that gambling is not just about luck.

Online gambling is not legal

This is one of the biggest myths which stops many from indulging in this fun gaming industry. Though gambling and betting in India are illegal, the law does not talk about online gambling. This could be a loophole which allows players to play confidently and comfortably with licensed offshore gaming websites.

Online gambling is duped

No, online gambling is not rigged. In India, online gaming websites are controlled by a Random Number Generator that guarantees fair play and accurate results. CasinoX8 is one such online gaming affiliate site which offers numerous links to authentic gambling/ gaming websites that are honest and legal.

Online Gambling cannot become an addiction

As much as we want it to be true, unfortunately, there are always chances of anyone getting addicted to anything. Going by the scientific studies, gambling triggers the brain’s reward system and releases dopamine into the body therefore it has strong addiction effects like drugs and alcohol. Gambling can slowly become an addiction if not monitored regularly.

Financial transactions are not safe for gaming website

Technology advances at such a rapid pace and one of the plus points of these advancements is how transactions are being handled today. The whole concept of Digital India is to go cashless and with this, to enhance the level of security for online transactions. CasinoX8 offers a wide range of gaming sites that are honest and have high standards of SSL encryption.

Games hang up if someone keeps on winning

This is a big misconception that the game slows down if someone is winning. Winning is the objective of playing in an online casino. There could be various other factors that might freeze the game. The internet connection can be poor, or the phone’s battery might be exhausted. Though these were just some of the myths related to online gambling, always remember that you should be fully aware of the game that you are investing and only then step in. CasinoX8 assists in understanding the world of online gambling, gaming and betting better by offering vast amounts of information on any online gambling topic.

India is still in the developing phase of the online gambling industry. However, with the pace that we are moving right now, we shall soon take over other online gambling leaders. So, there is absolutely no harm in indulging yourself into this new age of gaming but be conscious about the moves you make and try to go slow in the beginning. Rest assured, online gambling in India is not illegal and can be enjoyed as a leisure activity.


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