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Rakul Preet Singh in a still from ‘Chhatriwali’ | Photo Credit: ZEE5

Boycott Bollywood trends again! This time it is because of Chhatriwali.

A couple of weeks ago the movie Chhatriwali starring the beautiful Rakul Preet Singh was released on Zee5. It is a story about an out of job girl Sanya who gets a job at condom manufacturing company. She worries about how the society will perceive this unusual job description as the quality control manager working with men at a condom company. She then gets married and realises the need to preach about safe sex, contraception and social issues around it.

But recently on social media, there has been a hashtag of #BesharamBollywood, #BoycottBollywood trending because of Chhatriwali movie. The users are upset about how formula ridden this movie is. The users believe that the conversation in the movie around condoms and safe sex is too biased, backward and not relevant in this digital age.

According to the comments on twitter, instead of raising the importance of this topic, the movie is branding ‘ashleel’ things. They are trying to sell sex and catching lines mujhse karna hai pyaar, toh condom ko karo sweekar,” to just grab eyeballs.

What is hurting the sentiments of users further is the dominance of Hindu-phobic sentiments in this movie. Rajesh Tailang as the biology teacher is shown to own a shop selling hindu deity and religious artefacts and uses religion as an excuse to refuse safe sex or teach the kids about sex.

Have you watched the movie? What is your take on this?
Is this movie in the guise of being progressive actually just trying to be sensational to gain eyeballs and is targeting hindu sentiments or is it that social taboo topics are not sitting well with people ????

The movie is available on Zee5 OTT platform. Alongside Rakul Preet Singh, the film features Satish Kaushik, Sumeet Vyas, Rakesh Bedi, Uday Vir Singh Yadav, and Tejas Prabhaa among others and is Produced by Ronnie Screwvala and directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar’.

Few comments from the users are :







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