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Born on February 29? Pay ONLY 29% of your bill, only at Hitchki!

Born on February 29? Pay ONLY 29% of your bill, only at Hitchki!

It can be hard to be a Leapling. With someone whose birthday comes just once in 4 years, the celebrations are too far apart. But Hitchki, Mumbai’s most loved high-energy Restobar, makes the moment special with its recently spruced up menu and an offer too good to be true for everyone celebrating their birthdays with them. They need to pay only 29% of their total bill amount, making it the most bang for their buck party they’d ever have thrown!

Those wondering how to make their once-in-4-years birthdays as fulfilling as they can be, should begin with trusting those who know hosting best. Over the past few years, Hitchki has gained legendary status thanks to its quirky menu, a dash of Bollywood and an overall nostalgia-invoking experience. With that massive 71% discount, there’s practically no other place they’d rather be.

Said Mr. Arjun Raj Kher, Brand Head – Hitchki, “We were thinking of the best ways to make Leaplings feel special on their birthdays. We realise how exciting it is to plan the best birthday treat for your friends, that comes once in 4 years. The offer also includes drinks, so it’s really an open invitation that practically tells Leaplings that ‘Your party is on us!’. It’s our little gift to that rare, exclusive club, to which we raise a toast!”

There’s no better place to bring in your birthday feast, with a table full of food and drinks, surrounded by your loved ones, and then paying only 29% of your total bill. The stage is set at Hitchki, all you have to do is show up and have a great time!

What: Leap Year Birthday Discount
Offer: Birthday celebration on February 29 at Hitchki, pay only 29% of the total bill, including drinks.

When: February 29, 2020

Where: Hitchki @ BKC, Powai, R City and Thane.


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