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BJP to Test ChatBots, align Digital Media

BJP to Test ChatBots, align Digital Media

Ahead of 2018 Karnataka elections, Bharatiya Janta Party aka BJP in order to consolidate its position and assuring a smooth sail towards victory has decided to launch an app, in first of attempt by any political party in India. The election campaign which seems to be on height of it’s planning is currently involved into developing an app to enable the common people to connect with the party members. As it’s named, BJPCONNECT, the app aims at building a connect with the future flag bearers and the masses. The app seems to be an addition to the already existing fleet of tech savvy BJP campaigning strategy. During 2014 elections BJP launched app India272 to promote present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The app provided a platform for the masses assuring the latter’s win across the country in garnering majority votes. Meanwhile PM Narendra Modi has his own app which has a million downloads assuring the connect.

Taking the connect factor ahead, BJP this time around plans to launch the app next month with Amit Shah’s visit to Karnataka flagging off the 2018 elections in the state. The app comes laiden with the features such as chat with members using group and individual messages.These chat groups will support organisational hierarchy to help admins conduct polls, provide tasks, take opinions, capture public pulse and broadcast live videos(as the info for the app states).

BJP to Test ChatBots, align Digital Media

The use of technology isn’t a new thing for BJP as the party earlier into the year, while UP elections used about 8000 whatsapp groups into the election campaign. This ensured a clear victory for the party with 320 seats out of total 403 seats.

Technology in today’s time plays a crucial role into deciding the fate of of most endeavours these days and with the stake of winning elections and getting power BJP has decided to put it’s best foot forward while somehow keeping with NaMo’s idea of Digital India. With the recent developments and historical steps of demonetisation and GST returns to be filed every month people are getting more acquinted to digital payment platforms and using smart phones. So BJP is using the power of smart phones as tools of mass media to ensure that things work in their favour for the impending 2019 elections.

Meanwhile so much is underway, there are many other things which the ruling party is planning to make a mark while working in it’s tenure, preparing for the next. It is left to the time to see what all could be brought to the common people for their benefit.


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