Being Single - Being Happy?


There is a saying by Charles Bukowski that “ There are worse things than being alone. But it often taken decades to realise it. And most often when you do, it’s too late. And there’s nothing worse then too late.”

Well you read that right being single is difficult for some but trust me being single is the best thing that a person can demand if gets to know its importance.
As per my experience people in long term relationship seem happy outside but they are miserable inside, well if you get to know the advantages of being in relationship, yes its nice to have a partner to cuddle, to share things but at times the feeling of the partners does not match which lead it to a miserable relation.

People these days take being in relationship a sign of coolness but let me take you to harsh reality with what they loose and not what they gain. Well to start with, you loose your freedom to travel anywhere like suppose you tell your partner to pack your bags for next morning just because you want to travel the world. Will it be possible? At second place you are not even free to work on yourself because it has been seen in researches that a lot of time is spend on phone while you are in relation.

Being in relationship also makes a person weak because at times your partner may empower to take decision which takes away your decision making power as well.


One more harsh reality which people does not accept is that when you are in relation you tend to loose your friends which are indeed most important part of your life but for a stupid relation these guys leave friends for a relationship that might not last long. If you are single you can do whatever the hell you want to do and none will be there to question be it reading books, flirting, travelling, meeting new people, coming late at nights anything and everything which you can think of.

Being single helps you to find out who you really are not only physically but mentally, you can get to know your strength and weaknesses and insecurities which you are exposed too. You can explore what you want to do with your life i.e. you are the creator of your won life. You tend to start loving yourself when you are single as you gain knowledge, gain heath and gain confidence.


Yes, there are worse thing than being alone. When ever a person is alone he/she will go to clubs or visit social websites and find a person who will provide with the same kind of security and everything will be fine. If you think that way then my friend you are wrong. People think that being in relation is best part of there life but my friend you are loosing many things which being single can teach you i.e. things which you cannot learn while you are under financial and emotional pressure to support and maintain your relation. This is an important phase of life my friend don’t waste your time in these fights focus on yourself and develop and grow yourself.

When you are single and tend to focus on yourself then you will feel the changes which I have felt in my life. You will stay charged as many times we waste our energy on making others happy which will be invested on ourself. The only happiness you have to focus is of on yourself. You will get connected to your emotions like you will understand what makes you fell happy and what make you feels sad. You will start doing things which you enjoy to do be it racing, dancing, singing in bad voice. You become more productive at work as no phone calls no unnecessary messages. Most importantly you don’t need to apologise for anything, you don’t have to care for others feelings and you get to learn to trust yourself.

Well this article is all about making a person realise that end of a relationship does not being end of life or if a partner leaves there is dead end, think of the positives of being single and cherish the life with new moments by enjoying it. Being single and being one’s favourite is the most powerful thing that will back a person to be successful and have a wonderful life. If you depend on someone then that person may take advantage and spoil your life. In the end I would like to say that its your life don’t let other person ruin it. Its your life make it large.


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