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Arista-Vault Introducing world’s first Wallet-Bot, powered with Beacon technology

Arista-Vault Introducing world’s first Wallet-Bot, powered with Beacon technology

No More Losing Your Hard Earned Money and Expensive Mobile Anymore 

ARISTA VAULT is set to revolutionise a new era for safe, secure & Power packed world.

We all have sometimes at certain points experienced losing our wallet or mobile at public places and also we’ve experienced pain of dead battery in very important times as well. Now imagine if you could Track your wallet and mobile at the same time and they’ll notify you if you leave them or somebody snatches it from you.

Imagine if you can charge your phone with your wallet, ring your wallet to find it and what if you could take a selfie with your wallet, wouldn’t that be something amazing?

Introducing, Wallet-Bot, A smart wallet that connects to your Smartphone, so that you’ll never lose your wallet or phone again. It’s a next generation advanced wallet to secure your phones and keep your money safe while making your life easier. The Wallet-Bot integrates anti-lost, anti-theft, power bank, , Bluetooth connectivity, worldwide tracking with a global design.

Arista-Vault Introducing world’s first Wallet-Bot, powered with Beacon technology

The brand Arista Vault is focused to combine power and peace :

• 3000 mhz battery back-up which is rechargeable to power-up your phone
• An inbuilt tracker as a response to the rising risks and difficulties of our high-end lifestyles. To give you peace

Wallet-Bot is much more than an elegant, fashion wallet for men & women. Developed by a committed team of designers, technologists (scientists & engineers) and professionals who came together to build revolutionary high-tech intelligent product which will save you in the daily hustle.

Moreover, not only these specifications but a very different feature that Wallet-Bot has you can also take ‘selfies’ with your wallet. Press the power button in wallet-bot and you are selfie ready.

Arista-Vault Introducing world’s first Wallet-Bot, powered with Beacon technology

The Designer and CEO of Arista Vaulte Purvi Roy said, it is a luxury wallet that has a unique style and technology. We all have forgotten our wallets or phone at our homes, work places, coffee shops, or billing desks only to lose them eventually. It helps you to never suffer a loss of your phone or wallet, how? Whenever your wallet or phone gets out of your reach, it will notify you if you leave it behind. Alarm in-built in the wallet will start ringing as soon as someone tries to snatch it from you or it gets distant from you. Wallet-Bot can also detect the last location of your wallet as well as phone. It has a power button which helps in everything.

Purvi Said, People think a wallet can only last for 1 year or so and then the quality decreases but crafted from premium quality RFID protected leather of wallet is imported and specialized. With self-healing, technology i.e, scratch proof, splash proof quality which will always protect the wallet.

Slim in design, the Wallet-Bot integrates high-tech intelligence in a timeless shape that one can never go wrong with. it is packaged in the best quality, beautifully designed wallet box.

A Wallet-Bot, designed for everyone be young tech lovers, business-men or travellers, as It’s just not a Wallet it’s a Wallet-Bot. And cool gadget to have.

Pre-order available, at www.Indigogo.com or www.aristavault.com

About Beacon Technology: Location-based mobile customer communication-

Apple explains iBeacon technology to consumers as the enabling technology for Apple devices to alert apps or websites (which the user has opted into) when someone approaches or leaves a location. In other words, retail or other venues that have beacons in place can detect where a customer is at any given moment. Beacons employ Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to pinpoint the location of customers in stores and other places and to deliver messages to their mobile devices.

Specifically, a beacon emits a BLE signal that a retailer’s or other company’s app on a smartphone coming within range of that signal can pick up on. A big differentiator between beacons and RFID is that beacons are far more private because it gives users control of the apps that leverage the beacon. This also generally means that beacons are authenticated and with user permission, which can ultimately lead to tremendous experiences as a result.

About Arista Vault – Our story begins with a loss, one of us lost his wallet. With no cash on hand and no charge on the phone, it was a tough time. All those important IDs to be issued again and we all know what a task it is. This is when the idea of a revolutionary product struck. In the world of smartphones, smart TV, and pretty much all smart devices, why is our wallet still archaic? We thought of a solution that can help millions of people around the world keep track of their wallet as well as smartphones. This is when Arist Vault incepted.


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