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Are you an Emotional Eater?

Are you an Emotional Eater?

It starts with a cup of Ice-Cream, goes onto a tub and finally, as we wallow in our feelings of self-pity and unhappiness,the meal ends up with huge portions of dessert and coffee.

Food and emotions always had a thing going. We eat more and mostly wrong, when we are low, while happiness makes us choose wisely and eat with control. But, there has to be the way to check the bad patches, right? Rationalising and Planning good food choices when low? Yes.

When you feel low, it results in a certain kind of numbness and reaching for the jar of mayo or packets of chips in a trance like state. Under stress or excitement, there are certain neuro-chemical changes in the brain that can alter the eating habits : one may lose appetite or develop carb cravings/binge eating patterns, says psychtherapist and de-addiction specialist. On the other hand, good feelings make you alert and focussed. The trick here is to accept the feelings without indulging in them.

According to the Latest Research published in the Journal Child Development,emotional eating has it’s roots in childhood. It says that when parents soothe their toddlers with food,their children end up engaging more in emotional eating later in life. While reaching for that occasional comfort food is not really a bad idea to help us get a grip on our emotions, too much dependence on food to soothe is a bad idea. It is just not the food but also kind of food, that’s a problem.

As Nutritionist, Emotional Eating responds to stresss, a person tends to eat high carbohydrates, high calorie food with very low nutritive value and thus all this leads to obesity, diabetes, heart and cholestrol problems. Most Emotionally satisfying food contains opiodes that delude us into feeling satiated and happy. They get us hooked to them. So, choose wisely.

Be it : anger,sadness,jealousy,worry,stress,excitement,nervousness; it is better to practice tolerating difficult feelings than by blunting them with food. Other ways to feel good could be getting fitter,playing physically demanding sport and others. Nothing works ? Start a House improvement Project. Love yourselves and respect yourselves & get your body in shape.

Dietitian Sharan says : Either eat a while for taste and repent later Or Say “NO” for a while and be happy that you did so later.


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