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Anna to star in the sequel to his biopic

Anna to star in the sequel to his biopic

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare will star in the sequel to his biopic. Anna confirmed that if the movie recovered even 20% of the budget, he would contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Anna had earlier expressed desire to contest against the Prime Minister in Varanasi, but apparently no party is ready to field him. Hazare said that he was in a state of melancholy after his biopic flopped.

Sony Productions which had produced the first instalment has backed out this time. Their spokesperson stated – “We had suffered huge losses after Anna. It’s better to play it safe instead of going all out & losing all your money.” Anna will fast against Sony Productions in Mumbai, from the 1st of May this year. Executives from Star Plus & Colors are also expected to join the fast.

Star TV will also produce Anna’s sequel if the fast brings down Sony’s TRP. Anna will be the director of the second instalment which is all set to release just before the 2019 LS elections. Apart from donning the Director’s cap, Anna will also pen down the lyrics & choreograph a few songs. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will be the first one to watch the movie (and probably the last one too).

“The song ‘Anna is India’ is going to be the item number of the year”, observed noted music composer & Set Wet gel’s brand ambassador Vishal Dadlani. The AAP which has often distanced itself from Dadlani’s comments, poked fun at Dadlani and reminded him that the movie was stated for a 2019 release. Critics will also be forced to watch the movie. No food will be provided during the screening of the movie next year.

The movie will be titled ‘Fast’. The Tagline of the movie is ANNA – Arvind needs Nationalist Anna.


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