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An Open Letter to Mohammad Hamid Ansari - The Worst Vice President India ever Had

An Open Letter to Mohammad Hamid Ansari – The Worst Vice President India ever Had

Respected Mr Ansari,

I hope you are doing good, you were our vice president for ten years, but, on the eve of your retirement you remembered that you are a Muslim first and not the vice president of 125 crore Indians, and because of this you lied in public that Muslims like you are afraid in the ongoing regime. As per you, Muslims are living in fear ? You didn’t tell, fear of what. Let me help you in finding the reasons of fear. Let’s look a little in history.

In early 90s,  what you did was unimaginable. You guys raped your neighbours, killed kids, demolished hundreds of temples. You forced out half a million people from their ancestral houses. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking of Kashmir, where people like you gave three choices to us, convert, die or run away. We were forced to run away to save ourselves from rapists radicalised by people like you who once were our neighbours. The ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir is the biggest such type of problem after the second world war. People like you only were shouting from Masjids that Kaafirs leave the valley alone leave your girls here. It’s not that we were not subjected to such brutality before. But, in earlier times, we were either ruled by your illegal fore fathers or by Britishers. This one happened in a secular Democratic India, which claims to be run by Indian penal code with people like you in constitutional positions. So, by hearing your complaints about Muslims are in fear, I am forced to assume that it’s because of this, that they are not as free to kill, rape, as you will like them to be. But you will be happy to know that these Muslims are still doing good as per your wish. In the month Ramadan, this year your pupils molested two girls in broad day light as a part of Ramadan celebration, they had also posted a video too, I hope you must have seen and felt proud of them. But then comes the reason of your problem, the UP government arrested all of them ,and its more than enough to make you unhappy.

Just remember few years ago, how good you guys were. For example you could molest even police women in Azad Maidan, but now even in Rampur, UP, you are not allowed to do that. So, your outrage is perfectly justified.

But, I think you should not worry, your boys are doing first class in states like West Bengal, Kerala some parts of UP and Bihar. In Bengal, your boys have almost achieved the situation like Kashmir, where they can kill, molest Hindus, burn their houses as and when they want. They just did these things for over one week while protesting about the FB post of teen. Your boys are doing similar stuffs in Kerala, very recently they wrote to a professor asking convert or loose your legs and hands. In their golden days, they had already chopped off the hands of another professor.

Sir, But I understand your problem after all your efforts boys are not able to pick up the speed as you like them to be. They are far behind your brothers of Pakistan and Bangladesh when in comes to killing and raping kaafirs.

Now that you are no more the vice president, I hope you will use your entire times to wage Jehad with full speed. I am very hopeful that you will make them cross the records of your brothers of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Wishing you all the best and waiting for the day you will say Muslims are no more in fear in India because India has become like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir.

A Kaafir.


About Vikas R S Giri

Vikas R S Giri
Vikas R S Giri is an educationalist, teaches physics to Senior secondary, and believes in आत्मरक्षा हिंसा नही ! Can be reached at [email protected]

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