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An Open Eyed Dream

An Open Eyed Dream

Walking down my way I picked up the call.

Mausi: Hii beta, did u get ur luggage.?

Me: no, no, m standing in the queue..just a few more minutes please..m very sry u had to wait so long..

Mausi: shut up u fool..why won’t I.? I can’t miss the first chance to see my baby like I always dreamt of.

Me: you won’t change ever..okay, I will see you soon..keep missing..love you.

Saying this I disconnected the call..and picked my luggage which was right on time.

Managing the same I started moving like a lost one.

Not being Much familiar with the Kolkata airport I asked someone a way out, to which I got a very warm response and I was directed towards terminal no.2.

So how would you feel after travelling some of the best places across the world where you got all that you always wanted except your family.? And guess what..you are about to meet the same.

Scared.? Happy.?

Well yeah..this is what I felt..scared, happy..a complete mixture of emotions can be best described.

Scared Coz

It was after long I was about to meet everyone like my friends and my family..and happy Coz I was finally going to meet my Mausi..the most happening person of my life.

The thoughts were like rushing in my mind..one after another and another and another but finally it stopped..a halt at where I was and what my Mausi dreamt of me 7 years back.

Truth is it was the best open-eyed dream which someone could ever imagine..and today was the day when her dream was my reality.

With a bag in one and other hand managing my hair.

I walked out of the airport all sorted and fair.

Seeing me coming she had a big smile.

Her urge was seen but she preferred to stand there for a while.

Finally, she made a move and came close to give a hug.

To the girl who she always wanted to live without that connected plug.

That hug was tight.

With the words so right.

You did it..you made it.

Was all she could say.

A thank you was my only response for her role in my play.

It was the best moment of my life. I was finally standing there in front of her with that big smile on my face and an envelope which I handed her without a minutes delay.

Me: here..this is for you.

Mausi: but what is it.

Me: open it..you will get to know.

Opening up the envelope she looked at me.

With love in eyes and her happiness so free.

Mausi: how did you manage it.?

Me: I didn’t do it..you did it.

Mausi: how.?

Me: oh please don’t tell me that you forgot that the name I carry around with the fame and my achievements were given by you.

Mausi: Hm.

Me: now please tell me my Chahat got what her Chahat was.

Mausi: I am proud of you.

The conversation ends here but not the story..the envelope I handed her had a piece of paper which showed that I bought her, her own place in Shimla and and and a tea shop as she always wanted it to be.

Sooo it was not my Chahat that was fulfilled..it was her Chahat which got out the real me and made me become a successful writer, a CA, a Cs, pursue my course on human psychology and work abroad which I did by giving a hit bestseller is not only the Indian market but also abroad..

I can imagine myself as same even today. I can feel my every desire, every achievement in just a matter of seconds..it’s just that I need to recall the words and my life is right in front of me.

Can you.?

If yes please work for it and if not..just a few words of heart I would share.

Chahat, the desire, is there in all.

Problem is we fear to fall.

For once Remove that fear.

Follow ur heart and the things u hear.

It will bring a wonderful start.

With life waiting to make you it’s part.

Don’t just run in the crowd of all.

Think of people waiting for you in that big hall.

Just to say hello or a Hii.

But you.? You will be enjoying life’s biggest pie.


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