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Amit Lakhanpal – the man who brought cryptocurrency to the UAE

Desire, determination and drive are foremost traits that define the making of any successful entrepreneur. But Dr Amit Lakhanpal is a personality that embodies far more than just these. From a real estate to entertainment and now to cryptocurrency, this 33-year old Indian businessman blends his innovation and insatiable ambition with an almost Midas touch!

Armed with a PhD from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Master’s in Computer Science from the Cambridge University, Dr Lakhanpal began his entrepreneurial journey as the Chief Managing Director of real estate development company Flintstone Group in India. He soon realised that in a country which is fast-growing economically, there still were people with low but steady incomes who wanted their own homes. This led to his award-winning Flint Heights Project, which made buying a home affordable for the denizens of a still-developing country.

The enterprising mind of this young Global Achiever soon shifted to the entertainment sector with the launch of FlintBeats, a platform offering a one-stop-solution to artists who wanted to get connected with masses as well as potential corporate customers.

With a solid foundation in technology (a diploma in asset and wealth management Blockchain technology and Digital Smart Contract) backed by ample experience in business, Dr Lakhanpal’s desire to bring disruptive solutions to the markets led him to foray into the world of cryptocurrency with the launch of Money Trade Coin. The group houses a cryptocurrency exchange, the world’s largest online shopping mall, wallet services as well as a cryptocurrency academy. This he brought to the UAE, through a partnership with Dubai based firm Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE with the aim of furthering global financial integration through the art of better transactions. UK Emirati Mrs Salma Al Kitebe – a close aide to the royal family in the UAE is also a partner in intellectual property rights for this cryptocurrency.

For his disruptive, innovative and sometimes revolutionary actions have even led to be awarded with the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Gaurav Samman for excellence in promoting global integration and economic development. He is also the author of his book ‘ The World of Crypto Currency’, which educates the general public about the technology and its disruptive powers.

Dr Lakhanpal’s new-age, futuristic persona can be glimpsed from the success of his varied business endeavours and certainly lends one to comfortably ignore the moral of greed in King Midas’ fairy tale for the today’s modern technology-driven world.


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