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Amit Lakhanpal – The Man Bringing Crypto-Currency To The Middle East

One of the most important topics that are creating a buzz in the world is the new transaction giant, crypto currency. In this particular age of electronic transaction, the Middle East seems to be having a lot of potentials when it comes to using crypto currency.

After the first appearance of crypto-currency in the year 2009, the different types of this currency such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and others have made a certain change in the economic and financial atmosphere in many different unforeseen and unexpected ways.

Even today, the crypto-currency price soars high as there are many different currencies which are entering the market. The world and especially the Middle East have warmed up to the idea of coded currencies and it is all thanks to the effort of one man. He is Dr. Amit Lakhanpal.

An Introduction To The Legend Who Introduced Crypto-Currency In Middle East

Dr. Amit Lakhanpal is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs from Indian who is also a property developer and a dedicated and intelligent author. Amit is also the CEO and the founder of the company which goes by the name of Money Trade Coin Group.

Apart from that, Amit Lakhanpal has also contributed to the world of crypto-currency by writing a book which goes by the name “The World of Crypto Currency”.

Amit Lakhanpal was born in the year 1985 and had his early education in the St. Sebastian’s school, Massachusetts. This is the place where he had his primary education. He is a Master’s Degree holder from the University of Cambridge and has a degree in Computer Science. He also did his Ph.D. in his subject from New Zealand’s University of Auckland.

A Little Insight Into The Career Of Dr. Amit Lakhanpal

Amit Lakhanpal is mostly known for the Crypto Currency group which he founded the name of the group is Money Trade Coin. This particular group includes a certain crypto currency exchange which is the largest shopping mall in the world that is online. Apart from that, the group also has virtual cards, wallet services, and a particular crypto currency.

He is also the manager Chief Managing Director of the development agency in the field of real estate. The company goes by the name of Flintstone Group. He also found an events agency which was named Flint beats in the year 2015. Dr. Amit Lakhanpal made the Middle East aware of the crypto-currency by writing a book named ‘The World of Crypto Currency’.


Dr. Amit Lakhanpal is certainly a gem who has made people understand the technicalities of crypto currency and simplified the idea in his book. Also, he is one of the greatest promoters of crypto currency as well.


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