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Amazing paint ideas for your kitchen

Painting is often the best and the quickest way to upgrade your kitchen. Whether you have a traditional kitchen or the more contemporary one-wall or peninsula style layout, this is the space around which the house revolves, and a plenty of time spent in.

If you are thinking of revamping your kitchen and sprucing it some with colours to make it livelier and chic, here are some fun wall painting design ideas for you to take a cue from and make a happier kitchen!

• Pure white: While white seems to be done to death, it is still timeless and classy. White forms the perfect base to add bold pops of colour. For example, paint the kitchen surface in white and create a high contrast by painting your cabinets in indigo blue or red.

• Combine earthy tones: Choose soothing colours like olive, mint green, beige, and light browns to give your kitchen that earthy and rustic appearance. These soft colours also tend to make smaller spaces appear large. What’s more, they are an extremely chic and Mediterranean style that they instantly refresh you.

• Go bold: Celebrate the bold you by going multi-hued! There is no limit to contrasting and combining colours. Keep the walls a muted white or grey and use several colours like red, blue, orange, black, etc. to colour your cabinets. Making it look like a rusty countryside cabin-style kitchen, this colour scheme is sure to give your guests a lot to talk about!

• Pretty pinks: Pinks and shades of it were considered to be best for painting kids rooms or play areas. Not anymore! With the millennial prepared to experiment more, your kitchen too can have that bubble gum pink pop to it. Combine this with apple green cabinets and you are in a cosy retro-style haven.

• Green and blues: These two colours ruled the charts the whole of 2019 and for the better part of 2020 for being the newer and bolder colours to paint your kitchen space in. Bottle green and navy blues, alternated with cabinets painted in dusty gold colours, adds that classy Victorian-style appearance to your kitchen and still goes contemporary and modern.

• Experiment with textures: Who said kitchen walls are supposed to be plain and hence boring! The texture of the wall paints adds a lot of depth to the kitchen and makes it an interesting and appealing space. You will be surprised how easy it is to create textures without requiring a huge budget. Depending on what works for you, styles can vary from splatters, comb-styles, slap brush, popcorn, orange peel, drywall, swirls of sand, etc. The ideas are endless. These textures look the best when created with high-quality Berger paints. You can check out Berger Paints price list to know more.

• Combine with wallpapers: Adding wallpaper to your kitchen might not be the first thing that strikes you but trust us, it is worth it. Combining interesting paints and textures with wallpapers adds that extra element of style and quirkiness to a kitchen. For example, combine a white or grey wall with an animal print wallpaper to add that whimsical edge to your kitchen. Combine light-hued polka dot printed wallpaper with dark walls. Or go with the classy fruit prints combined with walls painted in light colours. This never goes out of style and is sure to brighten your spirits on a gloomy day.

Want more ideas? The easiest way to get more brilliant ideas is to explore AapkaPainter’s website. You will get scores of paint options and ideas with a super-professional execution in time. What’s more, the consultancy is absolutely free!


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