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Alex McCurry Shares His Top 3 Methods to Scale Businesses in 2022

Alex McCurry Shares His Top 3 Methods to Scale Businesses in 2022

As the world recovers from the setbacks of Covid-19, many businesses are rapidly pacing towards recovery and growth. Alex McCurry, Founder, and CEO of Solidity.io and an expert in blockchain technology and brand building shares three proven secrets that can help brands scale to the next level.


It may sound like a no-brainer, but companies often forget the simple core of their business

– to satisfy their customers. As McCurry sees it, lacking to put the customer first can greatly impair business growth, the polar opposite of scaling it up. Mccurry says, “Businesses have notoriously been run on two pillars – opportunities, and systems. As a business, the focus tends to shift to opportunities, while opportunities are necessary for growth, without proper systems your company will collapse and your clients will suffer. The opportunity exclusive focus is incorrect, and the goal today for founders and businesses should be to put the focus back on the customer and back into the systems that can support and help your customers thrive.”

Organize your finances

Every brand has its own way of managing finances. However, most of them follow the same patterns of mishandling them. McCurry suggests keeping a more hawk-eyed view of one’s finances. He says, “Among the many components you should master as a brand, one is taking charge of your finances. Notice I said charge, not control. Although they can mean the same, people often apply an iron-fist attitude to the word ‘control’. Taking charge means that you understand the financial requirements of your business and, more often than not, make decisions based on them. It is imperative to plan and allocate budget and see how decisions play out in uncertain market conditions. If you do not have a full view of your financial situation, or you have individuals in charge of it who are negligent, or worse, malicious, it can cause massive issues for your business.”

Utilize analytics

Today, keeping an eye on the mainframe of your business has become easier than ever. A wide array of digital tools now allow people to track business data and generate insights based on them. For McCurry, this is a massive benefit for brands. He says this is one that must be “utilized to the fullest. Analytics function as a different way of understanding your business, and can help you recognize patterns you would not typically notice, and make decisions quickly when things are going wrong. Analytics is a new language, but luckily, the human brain can learn new languages. And in today’s day and age, not utilizing them is a huge handicap.”

With Alex McCurry’s top three industry-proven tips, you too can scale up your business in no time.


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