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Aisha Mahdi, upcoming Fashion Blogger making her mark in the industry

Aisha Mahdi, upcoming Fashion Blogger making her mark in the industry

Aisha Mahdi, a young blogger, decided to make her passion her career with Styleetvogue and what else could have been a wiser choice! Gaining knowledge about the on-going trends from mere fashion and beauty magazines, she went on with taking her love for fashion a step forward by making it her main-game!

Currently showcasing a wide array of content on her social platforms, ranging from the latest makeup to the modern-day fashion is now keen on figuring out a way to start her own range of luxury beauty products, which is commendable in her young age.

Being born in India, having spent her teenage years in Dubai, she decided to move back to her roots and complete her studies in her native land.

While growing up she has always loved the fashion industry and has always wanted to make it big here with her ideas. Despite being all lost and clueless, it was then that she gathered all the courage and information and posted her first blog in 2017, which was recognised and appreciated by a lot of people. There was no stopping ever since.

Till date, her ideology has been to give a higher preference to fashion than brands and wants people to get rid of the ‘bigger brand wins’ stereotype. Being a big fan of street shopping herself, she has always moved ahead promoting affordable fashion and wants her audience to create their own style statement with the help of content that she produces.

“Bollywood happens to be India’s biggest styling icon”, she says. With celebs like Sonam Kapoor and Ananya Panday being all-time fashionable in the most expensive of brands, Aisha believes Bollywood can be classy and sassy with sustainable, local fashion as well.

Having taken inspiration from other bloggers and following their footsteps to start something similar of her own, she believes this is no less of a war zone and one needs to be really passionate in order to pursue full-time blogging for a living.

She is confident about the quality of her work and believes that makes her stand out. When asked to give a message to her audience, she says “I don’t believe in people following my footsteps, I would rather want them to follow their heart and desire. Do not let anyone ever question your choice and confidence, and just be your true self!” Now that’s the kind of spirit the Bollywood fashion industry needs!


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