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Abin Jacob - A Content Creator, Who Rose From Ashes & Proved his Worth , An Example of " Power of perseverance".

Abin Jacob – A Content Creator, Who Rose From Ashes & Proved his Worth , An Example of ” Power of perseverance”.

For the ones who Achieve by the power of their Skills, never Give-up. They move around even when the circumstances seem uncertain. These are the minds with the vividness & Spirit of achieving their goals n they won’t ever give up. Considering such passionate people around us, Abin “DOPE” Jacob. is one such dream achiever,and
Achievements know, no boundaries. The more you achieve, the more it comes to your entitlement. DOPE well, he just keeps doing his part and leaves the rest. But even after being so calm within, he achieved a lot at such n young age. From being a Rookie Ingame to a well reputed eSports Influencer & A Photographer With an impeccable Fan following and Audience engagement.

Currently he is working as a Coach Cum Influencer for an Elite Uprising Esports organization – VTNxJyaanmara, a well known eSports team which has performed exemplarrily in major Tournaments like , PMCO, PMWL, and various other events.

Earlier his personal achievements were-

•CWL Runner UP in CoC ’17 ,A well known Regional tournament,
•His team waged Redbull MeO Online Tourney – Group Stage Rank #5 Under his Guidance ,
•He was one of top #17 Players among Legend league in Clash of clans Regional TOP ’17
•He is also a well known Content writer with some incredible writeups available on his instagram handle, mainly guiding gamers what and what not to do …to Whats right and what’s not!, tons of his content went viral as well as got some JAW dropping engagement on his handle ..were liked by thousands of passionate people n e athletes,
He got various appreciations and Fame for his incredible writeups and Content he provided for various people in the community and helped thousands .by not letting them gt demotivated by peer pressures and hardships, he was really a role model for many people out there,
•His instagram handle is Followed by Various professional e athletes as well as 3 Celebrities too, Namely,Kunal sharma , a Verified actor ;singer .
Manager of GloablEsports,

Managers of some Elite uprising eSports Organization like Villager Esports, Insidious, Kull, MgzED, VTN, DarkTangent and a lot more e veterans, Which is Really an incredible achievement in itself!

As we know DOPE is also a photographer, as his name says, yes he is DOPE, some of his jaw dropping photographs which he captured from his OnePlus , were surprisingly featured by OnePlus india on their official handles twice , due to such amazing scene and skills which gave him an incredible push and recognition in the field of photography too,

DOPE is an excellent gamer and his experience is well-known around. He is popularly known as an amazing PUBG player and he runs his New YouTube channel with the name DOPENeverGotChill as he wants to keep his audience indulged and enrich them with some great facts and knowledge ,With respect, he holds in the gaming industry he has been titled ft Tanmay “Scout”singh, Dr rushindra sinha, Krish “Warlock” kanwate, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, Yogesh “roxx”Yadav and many more. One of his well-known line amidst the gamers is, “If my Bad time was for work, I will dedicate my Good time also for work.”

Being an ex Streamer, e-athlete, Content creator and an Instagram Influencer is all part of his hobbies, which for sure he enjoys and loves to be a part of. DOPE from his early age had received all the support from his parents, who knew that the passion and dreams of their son will take him to something pretty good. They trusted him and faith, probably this is why Abin is also known as DOPE, an audible voice the world would hear. Well, the name does suit his personality and the achievements he is making and all we wish to see is what title he might achieve next.

He always has been a great supporter and believer of friendship but the time came to stand around there was none in his friend group found his career plans a real means to move ahead apart. The incredible support of his parents his friends, namely Daljit, Amrit Tinna, Krishna sharma, Ritika, Dr rushindra sinha (CEO- Global eSports), made him such an amazing personality with some great leadership values as well as a kind nature embedded in him & who stood by him and supported him were the only thing he relied upon. As of today, he owns entitlement with great organization as well as some great influencers out there .

As we know, Abin “DOPE” Jacob is also an Instagram influencer with his account handle having an Incredible FAN following of 12,200 + Thousand of audience with him , he has always been under pressure of his teachers, and parents as they were totally against gaming and didn’t support much n was always seen as a time passer and a hopper. But he rose from those ashes he kept grinding & He proved his worth by his Content as well as his game..And now he is having a real jaw dropping level of support and Fan following He is a non-giving up personality who truly believes in the success of hard-earned money. Truly for one following their dream, he is one to look forward to, as for he knows, the power of dreams and the power of hard-earned success.

AND HIS main signature from his handle is –

Eat with One You Starved with!

As the quote suggest people like DOPE who rose Up from ashes regardless of the hardships, the pain, the failures,pressure they’ve been through in the past set up really as a role model for us With his Bone chilling dedication and Will

He made his Content and Kindness Speak!
He watched them Rock!


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