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A Young Woman’s Success Saga: Her Entrepreneurial Journey Began from Ground Zero

A Young Woman’s Success Saga: Her Entrepreneurial Journey Began from Ground Zero

As we have many women executives running their companies most successfully, it really is true that what men can do, women can also do it, perhaps better. And Deepika Bhola has amply proved it.

Deepika’s Writing Geeks today is an established name providing a wide range of value-added services to the authors. Writing Geeks provides real-time services to them to emerge as independent brands in the literary world.

This woman entrepreneur most successfully crossed the barriers of male dominated corporate world of India to ultimately create her own identity and that too when she is in her 20’s. Naturally, Deepika certainly is a source of inspiration to those women who aims to carve out their independent place in the tough world of business.

Like a spring, beginning of everything is small!
In profiling Deepika’s success as an entrepreneur, this saying becomes extremely apt as she, initially, provided free services to her clients. After that, she started monetizing from it.

Here, her business acumen gets reflected as a long-term corporate strategist. In fact, monitoring her step-by-step entrepreneurial activities would make anybody exclaim: Veni, Vidi, Vici. Deepika came, she saw and she battled her success as an entrepreneur!

Bravo Deepika!

Deepika’s journey to script her own success story began in 2014 when she floated her own digital marketing company — Writing Geeks – to promote new writers and authors. She started working from home thus making it crystal clear that a small beginning ultimately results in a big dream come true.

Yes! All entrepreneurs are actually big dreamers. Blending their business sense with hard labour, they script their success stories. Deepika’s achievement merits a special mention as she started is all alone, that too soon after leaving the college.

This shows she must have been a great dreamer since her days of youth to turn a business woman and becoming her own boss. Today, she fulfils the dreams of others: new writers to achieve success in their own lives.

Her company is providing services to such new writers at very affordable prices starting from as little Rs. 599 per job.
Deepika has the credit of working not only with Indian writers but overseas authors too. She has, so far, worked with over 200 authors and writers globally.

Initially working all alone, Deepika’s Writing Geeks now has a team-strength of 7-persons. Interestingly, all of them are working remotely: from their own homes. Here, Deepika began a new corporate concept which must be appreciated.

We know working from home had so far been a concept gradually gaining ground. Writing Geeks made a practical use of it thus setting an example and also set this rolling to be followed by other entrepreneurs.

It really is worthwhile to note that Deepika, as an entrepreneur, proved that an enterprise or company emerges as a brand not due to its plush office or big premises, but because of the hard work and trust one puts in it. Success of Writing Geeks proves it amply.

It is a brand today not due to its office or premises but for the excellent value-added services it provides to the upcoming and new writers. In other words, Deepika has very powerfully conveyed to the corporate world the importance and practicality of work-from-home concept.

Deepika also launched a digital magazine under the name of her company that today has become a known name and a brand in the world of neo-modern writers.

In 2018, Deepika diversified the business of Writing Geeks further by entering into the domain of self publishing. Her first publishing client was CEO of the Matrix Cellular company.

Deepika began her business without any financial support from anyone. Today, her company is sailing smoothly. She is also planning to come up with some new and exciting ventures.

Details would be revealed soon. Till then, stay tuned!


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