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A Revolutionary Platform that Brings Good News for YouTubers

A Revolutionary Platform that Brings Good News for YouTubers

The demand for technological advancements has been at an all-time-high, and is being met by an equally rising number of technological innovations. One such innovation called Fancall was born earlier in 2021 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The app is designed to help bridge the gap between YouTubers and their viewers, connecting them directly via secure and personal video calls. The app is a bold new feat in the influencer marketing industry and marks the beginning of a digital revolution.

This YouTubers-only platform caters not only to eager fans and admirers, but to anyone who wishes to get in touch with a YouTuber – a brand or a business looking for collaboration, for instance. Even students or self-learners who, like a lot of us, rely on YouTube channels for learning. The app does away with the regressive methods of seeking contact, which may include third-party involvement, long waiting periods, and sometimes even miscommunication. Fancall establishes a direct channel of communication between the two parties, which means no third-party, no long waiting periods – no hassles. It’s a straightforward process and promises to revolutionise the way influencer marketing works.

When asked about what sparked this innovative idea, Akash Chaudhary, Founder and CEO, says, “As an avid self learner myself, I remember, during the lockdown, feeling awed by the sheer knowledge available on YouTube for anyone who seeks it. However, at the same time I found it quite difficult to get my personal queries solved by my YouTube guides. There was no quick and direct way to connect with them. Besides, another thing that fuelled my desire to solve this was the fact that YouTubers themselves are often faced with low revenues and unsatisfactory growth. Establishing a direct communication channel with their audience could potentially solve that. This is how Fancall was born.”

The idea was later realised in the form of a platform that proposes to get rid of the common problems faced by YouTubers. That includes unsatisfactory ad revenues, poor CPC rates, long hunts for partnerships, and more. The app essentially offers YouTubers a groundbreaking way to grow their channel(s) while supplementing their revenue a little.

The minds who designed the application are also firm believers in the effectiveness and elegance of simplicity, and this belief is well reflected in the application’s process. One need only register on the platform, look for their favourite YouTuber, book a time and date to schedule the call by compensating them for their time, and wait for the phone to ring on the agreed-upon date.

With the application now available on Play Store & App Store, the ball has been set rolling, and the world cannot wait to be part of this digital revolution.


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