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A Conversation with 4PointFitness Founder, Tony Nicholson

Q. Who exactly is Tony Nicholson?
A. Tony Nicholson, is without doubt one of the most dedicated individuals in Beijing who is interested in transforming lives for the better through sustainable health and fitness combined with developing a positive impact on people’s mindset. He has written many articles in Beijing Wellness magazines and contributed his time to many events to improve the health of people in China. People are quick to comment on Tony’s striking resemblance to Vin Diesel and The Rock and although he is a great fan of both he is very much his own person and a popular coach and personal trainer in Beijing.

Q. Describe Tony Nicholson’s achievements?
A. Tony Nicholson has achieved success with many clients who have transformed their lives through Tony’s coaching and commitment. That is how Tony describes his achievements to date. With many years of experience in personal training and certifications from American and British associations, his experience in the field of wellness is unparalleled in China. Tony is the proud owner of a fitness company which goes by the name of 4 Point Fitness where he gives tailor-made programmers for his clients.

Tell us about the early life of Tony Nicholson

Tony Nicholson is British although he spent most of his early childhood years in The Sultanate of Oman where his father was in the Military. At the age of 13 years, Tony moved to a Military boarding school in UK where at the end of his A level studies earned a scholarship to Hotchkiss in the USA. It is at Hotchkiss where he found his love of the Chinese language through an inspiring Chinese teacher. He was so impressed by the language that he went ahead and enrolled himself in the Chaozhou University in the provinces. After 3 years studying there he moved to Beijing where he further pursued his studies on Business Chinese.

Q. What made him the man he is now?
A. In 2009 due to a family tragedy Tony found himself spiraling into depression and it was during this time in Beijing that he entered a Body Transformation competition. Winning the competition was a pivotal time when he then decided if he can do it then he can help others.

Q. What is 4PointFitness?
A. 4PointFitness is the name of the company that Tony Nicholson opened with the prize money from the body transformation contest. Now the company is notably respected in China and 4PointFitness puts its main focus in guiding people through the different methods of exercise, fitness and positive mindset techniques. Tony Nicholson has enjoyed working with clients from all over the world including Apple CEO Tim Cook and many others.


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