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A Chartered Accountant in Olympics? Will it be Possible!

A Chartered Accountant in Olympics? Will it be Possible!

An Adventurous and Academician sportsperson, Pragnya Mohan, Chartered Accountant by Education will be representing India at the upcoming South Asian Championship in Nepal. She has represented India at International Students conferences held in Pakistan and Sri-Lanka. She was conferred by Eklavya Award by Government of Gujarat. We had an honour to talk to her;

Thanks Pragnya for taking time out of your busy schedule and practice. So, How did you develop interest in Athletic’s and take it full time. You are a Chartered Accountant and taking athletic’s full time must be challenging.

I have been a national swimmer throughout my school days. Eventually I took up running and then cycling. I have always had interest in Sports. During the first year of my internship which I did with EY, Ahmedabad my sports was badly effected due to the long working hours and travelling which left me with no time to practice. That is why post that I decided to change my firm to a medium size firm so that I could pursue sports simultaneously. It was difficult to juggle both of them but I think I could do so due to my passion for triathlon. This meant no time to socialise and pursue any other kind of hobby. I took few months off from my sports training when I was preparing for my Final examination because Office and studies plus sports was really difficult to manage. I could never take coaching or external assistance for any of my exams as sports was always a priority and attending classes in the morning and evening would have left me with no time to practice.
Post my qualification in May-17 I have not taken up any formal job as I wish to pursue the sport and see my potential.

A Chartered Accountant in Olympics? Will it be Possible!

I have a very supporting family so they have always been my back bone throughout my journey and helped me in the best way they can. Taking the decision of not working as a chartered accountant and taking up sports (especially being a women) is something people in society including immediate relatives do not seem to understand. In India, people see sports as a recreational activity rather than an avenue to build career and also the notion that sportsmen are not qualified (no bachelors/Master/professional degree) individuals is something really dominant in the society. I hope I can change that to an extent.
I have taken up my sports career as a choice and not because I didn’t have alternatives.

Who have been your model during the journey which you embraced.
I do not have any specific role model but there are various athletes whom I really admire.

What do you do to relax?
Well it’s not only hard training that helps you win, I do have easy sessions in my training program to relax my muscles! Well I do watch movies/ web series and listen to music. All this help me get distracted from the upcoming hard training sessions. I do have some social life in which I get to interact and change notes with my small group of friends. I am an avid reader and like to read fictions.

A Chartered Accountant in Olympics? Will it be Possible!
What are you upcoming plans?
My immediate sporting plans includes going to Pokhara, Nepal where I am representing the country in South Asian Triathlon Championship which is scheduled on the 28th April,18. I have some other national tournaments schedule in the upcoming months. Hopefully, I would be selected to represent India in the upcoming Asian Games which are being held later this year.

What will your message be for our viewers?
To follow your passion and ignore society if the need be.

There is a lot in you and we are inspired by your journey. Thank you for taking your time and we at Postman News wish you best of luck.

Sportsperson like Pragnya are inspiration to girls across our country. Not only by sports or education but also being the Anti Drug Abuse Campus Ambassador, she has proved yet again India Women are no less but above.


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