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5 Off Beat Things to do in your next Nandi Hills Trip

Not every place is listed on a map. Some are hidden gems, off beaten tracks and secret alleys discovered over the years by travellers. Nandi Hills is one such hidden gem of the South. Located about 60kms from the city of Bangalore, this holiday spot has gained popularity over the years and is visited frequently by friends, couples, families and tourists alike. The increased tourism has caused the cropping up of a lot of resorts in Nandi Hills like Discovery Village which is ideal for family as well as corporate outings. It has all the modern facilities that you will look for while on vacation thus making it an ideal choice for every kind of traveller.

There are a lot of things to do while you are there and a lot of places to visit in Nandi Hills as well but there are some offbeat things that you should include in your itinerary the next time you plan your visit. To ensure that your next trip is filled with unique experiences, follow this list of some of the offbeat things to do the next time you are in the area.

1) Ditch the Cycle – almost everyone who goes to Nandi Hills, explores the area on a cycle. It is known to be a paradise for people who love biking and cycling but next time ditch the cycle and get your steps in. There is no better way to explore an area than on foot. Take a stroll in the morning or the evening on the walkway along the hills and experience the charm of the area. Enjoy the greenery, fresh air and the picturesque sunrise or sunset.

2) Experience the magic of the moonlight on the Amrita Sarovar – the Amrita Sarovar, also known as the Lake of Nectar is the major source of water supply in the region. A number of perennial springs have joined together to form this stunning spectacle. A lot of people tend to visit it during the day, but you should avoid the crowds and go in the late evening instead. The water of this lake tends to shimmer in the moonlight and this makes for a stunning spectacle that should not be missed. If you are lucky, the blanket of stars will add a touch of mystique to the entire experience. If you are staying at one of the Nandi Hills Resort then you can ask the staff to pack your dinner. Nothing spells happiness than a picnic under the stars.

3) Seek some Solitude – sometimes the fast pace of our everyday life can prove to be extremely taxing to our mind. When you add the tourist heavy places it can be equally taxing. To avoid all of this, visit Brahmashram. It is a cave where apparently Sage Ramakrishna is said to have meditated. It is the perfect place to seek some silence and solitude.

4) Get a Bird Eye View of the area – while everyone visits the top of the cliff to get a view of the entire region, take a step forward and go paragliding instead. It is one of the few places in the state that offers this facility and one should make the most of it while in the area. Paraglide amongst the serene valleys and lush green hills and take in all the picturesque beauty the area has to offer. It is an experience you will look back upon fondly for a very long time.

5) Thank the Lord – while a lot of people tend to visit the temple situated at the top of the hill, a lot give the Nandi Temple located at the foot of the hills a miss. This stunning temple with its intricate metal work and beautifully adorned pillars is dedicated to Bhoganandishwara and Yoga Nandeeshwara. You can also spot a statue of Nandi here.

This little guide should be able to help you plan a memorable trip to the hills. While doing all the touristy things has its own set of excitement, it sometimes pays to go down the off beaten path. Revel in new experiences and create new memories with your loved ones.


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