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21X3 will play with Bitcoins Now!

21X3 will play with Bitcoins Now!

‘The one who think wisely saves it for the future.

‘Standing with the age old saying Crypto Secure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has landed into the market opening it’s new ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange.’ Naming it cxihub.com, the startup is a new contender into the market with it’s all existing counterparts across the globe.

The company is targeting peer to peer platform to the users for easy accessibility and mobility from one platform to another. With the rising vogue of digital payment wallets like Paytm, the company aims at providing the hybrid of an exchange. The idea of having a startup to cater the people’s need of conversion of money from INR to Bitcoin or alter currency like bitcoin to ripple, litecoin, etherium was conceived by a team of young enthusiasts. Basically the team was involved in trading individually earlier and driven by passion an zeal to serve the people with the the help of this India made website under Prime Minister, Modi’s encouragement of bringing in a startup. With this the company is aiming to be one of it’s kind. In a quest to bring in the future of currency exchange in India these brilliant minds have worked with best of technologies to keep most of the funds offline and safe. The startup is the brainchild of people connected with common interest in currency exchange and trading with each other multiple times. It dwells upon the idea of having a hybrid exchange as a solution to the growing demand of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency countering the incompetence of bigger exchanges to fulfill it due to the lack of resources. The website into it’s prelaunch phase the startup is trying to draw consumer’s attention towards this new high end technologically advanced solution.

21X3 will play with Bitcoins Now!

This move has floated at a time when India is still skeptical over the legalisation of Bitcoin to facilitate it’s existing method of currency exchange. But amidst the tussle this seems to be quite futuristic and supportive move into the field on the currency usage grounds. The invention of the idea of bitcoin or cyptocurrency is one of the path changers in it’s own manner as it’s success lies in the very idea that one can carry it without actually carrying paper currency into one’s pocket. The trend has been constantly increasing with the investment getting multiplied within the shorter duration of time making it a smarter stake into the arena.With an estimated value of $10,000 into the coming year, 2018 with the availability of encrypted transfer of funds at the fastest pace possible while maintaining the secrecy of the user, without the help of any bank or third party agency.

This Indian made platform, cxihub.com is aiming to compete with the already existing competitors with their performance and advantage of make in India catering to the Indian customer and consumers’ needs. The easy usage along with the benefit of being the local made exchange, the website is ready to dive into the deepest of waters into the field of the future of Currency exchange. The website is scheduled to be launched within a few days and is expected to earn goodwill and trust of the consumers in it’s domain. With the efficiency and work strength the goal of the startup is to put the best foot forward while serving their customers with the host multifunctional features and advanced technologies. The usage of high end technology and transfer happening over high security connections to curb the unstable nature of physical currency, It also provides authentication solutions for potential investors and traders for larger gains while maintaining the USP of this startup and the benefit of their customers. With more features and assured customers’ interest the company will make it’s presence felt sooner to stay in the market in the near future.

1. Ankit Ramola, 
2. Abhishek Bourai,
3. Vishal Sharma.


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